"Businesses that don’t change won’t survive. Businesses that adapt to change may survive but they won’t win. Businesses that lead change will THRIVE and WIN." 

- Deb Henretta, Group President of Global Beauty Care, Procter  & Gamble. WWD, Spring 2013


Welcome to Lightbeam Communications

Use Our 3-D Approach 

Our goal is to help your business strategically reduce marketing risk by putting the right context around consumer speak to increase innovation intelligence and profitability.   

Think of our approach as putting on 3-D glasses to see consumers in a whole new way.

Reinvigorate your research process with our 360° Consumer Look-Listen-Learn Platform

If ensuring your brands thrive and win in the face of new and evolving consumer needs is a priority, we can help you... 

  • Optimize concepts
  • Identify opportunity gaps
  • Re-position brands
  • Evaluate communications
  • Facilitate ideation sessions 

Exploring Ideas, Uncovering Insights and SPARKING Innovation

Lightbeam Communications works with clients in a collaborative way to listen and analyze what consumers are saying both physically and emotionally to deliver up-to-date insights. We use a range of proven methodologies our moderators use to drill down to the consumer core.

Our Research Techniques: 

  • Customized Online Methodologies
  • Website Use-ability Testing

  • In-Depth Individual and Telephone Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnographies and On-Site, In-Context Observations

  • Ideation Sessions
  • Idea Generation Using a Variety of Techniques Including Mind Maps, Image Sorts, Projective Techniques, Story-Telling, Drawing and More

Gain Knowledge

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